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PFremote - Power Functions

1.33 usd

PFremote is the first and only app ever designed for controlling the Lego Power Functions motors using the built-in Infrared Port. You can use it to test all your projects or you can just show off to your friends with this cool new app. It works with all Samsung and HTC devices. LG and Sony do not work for now, work in progress.
Key features: - NEW: control your Power Functions using Mindstorms NXT + IRLink from HiTechnic or NXT+ PFMate from Mindsensors- control up to 8 motors using all available channels on the Lego Technic IR Receivers.- step speed control ( 1 to 7 ) - control the motors polarity - label all your buttons and motors to make it easier to remember what they do - the control distance is very good, similar to the real Lego Technic remote ( but it does depend on the device ) - create as many remotes as you need with different configurations and save them for later
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